Providing learning through play for young children in disadvantaged countries.

K is for Kids Around the World



This is me and my big sister Deborah in the early 1970’s. I think we were very lucky growing up, although we didn’t have masses of money, we were surrounding by a backstreet full of kids of different ages. Our school holidays were filled with games, back street rounders, cycling, skipping, creating plays and even pretend school days. I was never happier than when playing a simple game of marbles.  Suggest this to my three children now and they will look at me like I’ve just arrived out of space!  “But where is the remote control?”… But what strikes me during our travels with Play-away is that children all over the world all love to play and manage to create their own games, even when they really have nothing. This is what motivates me to see Play-away reach more childrens lives and provide better access to play, giving them the same opportunities to explore as our kids have at home.

boy hole uganda


2 boys jinja



Kids playing in Matugga,, Uganda.


This is one of my favourite photos from Matugga, Uganda.



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