Providing learning through play for young children in disadvantaged countries.

F is for Friends


We have been so lucky to have met some incredible people on our Play-away journey so far. When I set about volunteering for the first time in 2009 little could I have imagined who I might meet along the way. People who inspire and motivate you. People who share their stories and open their hearts to you. People who become friends from all across the world


Joyce (above) and Josephine are both nursery teachers in Matugga, Uganda. They do an amazing job with the little resources they have and are an inspiration.


Working with has been a wonderful experience and I would recommend anyone thinking of volunteering or visiting India to go on one of their organised trips. Families in India welcome you into their homes and share their stories. They amaze me with their generosity, always wanting to give you  fresh coconut milk and  to feed you, when they have little themselves.

india group

group 2 india

Meeting new people from across the U.K, sharing new experiences and learning from each other.


Friends and their families that take you into their homes to stay, making you feel welcome and part of the family.


Meeting Tobito , the young boy that I sponsor at The Revival Centre in Matugga is something that I will always cherish and feel privileged to help gain an education. I look forward to seeing his cheeky smile again in 2014.


If any one is interested in volunteering on a Play-away project in Uganda we would love to share our experiences and give you the opportunity to meet some of these wonderful people yourselves!

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One thought on “F is for Friends

  1. kariyandal on said:

    Friendship is always reciprocal- you are such a lovely person to move with…and your responses are genuine and instant which becomes a binding force between you and those whom you meet with- keep it up.!

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